pip environmental group

Join us on one of our environmental days

Pride in Pill. Waste Collection 26/12/14 – 26/12/21.

This is why we have clean up environmental days. Litter picking is fun, rewarding and gives a great sense of achievement which is great for anyone’s mental health.

2014 275 Tonnes.
2015 130 Tonnes.
2016 185 Tonnes.
2017 157 Tonnes.
2018 165 Tonnes.
2019 225 Tonnes.
2020 2,500 Black Bags Full.
2021 3,419 Black Bags Full.

Pride in Pill Waste Collection Year Ending 2021.

Sainsbury’s 860
Malpas 65
River clean 195
Black ash park 45

We do risk assessment and health and safety talks at all community clean ups, and everyone is required to sign the visitors book. All volunteers are insured on Pride In Pill’s Liability Insurance. If anyone would like to see any documentation then you are welcome to ask.

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